The most important rules and regulations in the Superleague are as follows:

1. Outfit and protection
shorts (thaiboxing style)
mouth protection
boxing gloves 10oz.

2. Fighting time
3 rounds total – 3 minutes per round – 1 minutes break inbetween
5 rounds total – 3 minutes per round – 1 minutes break inbetween

3. Weight classes
at present there are fighters from 5 different weight classes in the SL:
Welterweight – up to 67kg
Super-Welterweight – up to 70kg
Middleweight – up to 73kg
Super-Middleweight – up to 76kg
Heavy-Wieght - up to 90kg

4. Officials
3 judges
1 referee in the ring
1 supervisor
1 time-keeper
1 doctor

The referee supervises the fight and makes sure, that everybody follows the rules and regulations properly. He is not giving points but he can give out punishment points if a fighter violates the rules.
The judges give out points at every round. After the fight the supervisor checks the points and evaluates them.

5. Techniques
The athletic regulation system at Thaiboxing is on the one hand a warranty for the security of the fighters and on the other hand it guarantees a standard point system.
- accepted techniques that help gaining points (only hard and effective techniques are evaluated)

Punch with the fist, e.g. all boxing techniques to the head, chest, body parts and stomach
Leg techniques with foot and chin, e.g. all kicking techniques to the head, neck, chest, body as well as inside and outside of the legs.
Knee techniques to the head, upper body and legs

6. not accepted techniques
butt heads
elbow techniques
all techniques towards the back of the opponent
backfist or spinning backfist
clinching on the low back
punching with the in-or outside of the gloves
punching or pushing or kicking after the referee commands a “break” or “stop”
punching, pushing or kicking if somebody is outside the ropes of the ring
non-athletic behaviour like biting, spitting or running away from the fight

If a fighter commits one of the actions mentioned above the judge will give him a warning. If he repeats such an action the judge announces an obvious warning (O.W.)

7. Point Evaluation
Each round a fighter can reach 10, 9 or 8 points. Technique and effort will be evaluated. Kicking and knee techniques bring more points than boxing techniques.
Obvious Warning (O.W.) = minus 1 point
To get an eight count = minus 1 point

8. Results
points – winning on points
draw – end in a draw
TKO – technical knock out
KO – knock out
SUR – win through giving up by the opponent
DOD – doctor decision
(the doctor always present at the ring can stop the fight at any time if he thinks that the fighters health could be at risk)
RSC – referee stop contest (also the referee can break off the fight at any time)

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